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30,000 foot overview of the Ascend-Cultivate-Excel process for setting up a micro-pool structure for your residential real estate portfolio. After the purchase, you will receive a virtual ticket which entitles you to attend one training session from a list of scheduled sessions.

Saturday, January 20, 2024, at 5:30pm Pacific Time

Wednesday, January 24, 2024 at 5:30pm Pacific Time

Thursday, January 25, 2024 at 5:30pm Pacific Time

Additional Dates To Be Scheduled



ASCEND. You will learn how to park your money in qualified pieces of real estate with some of the highest unleveraged returns available*. You will own them free and clear as the first step. You are free to stop at this step if you are happy with the returns.

CULTIVATE. You will have the opportunity and option to place these assets into a micro-pool structure* to cultivate puzzle pieces that fit in with others to expand options for buying and selling properties and access exciting opportunities to enhance valuation and returns otherwise not available.

EXCEL. As you become well versed in the system, you will be on a new trajectory to improved returns and valuations for your investments.

As a result of this training, you will know…

 What the micro-pool* is and does,

Introduction to grassroots capital formation,

How micro-pools with certain qualifying real estate assets may qualify for certification and what this does for you as an investor,

Types of integration opportunities by having a micro-pool, and

Exactly how to dissolve the micro-pool and have your assets back in "plain vanilla" holdings.

Who can and will benefit from your proven product, service, and/or support?

The student with 250k to 10MM+ available to invest in high performance real estate assets, with the openness to embrace an innovative model of holding these assets in a micro-pool structure to make them more appealing in the marketplace and allow integration with opportunities otherwise not available.

Someone who is accomplished in real estate investing and realizes there is always a potential to learn something new and is a committed life-long learner.

Someone who is willing to put in the time keep abreast the latest developments with the project, and when necessary, to make minor adjustments to how records are kept.

Someone who will question how a system can work, but once their questions are answered, can be patient in allowing the system to do its work.

Someone who is excited about exploring new elegant approaches that are emerging in the marketplace.

Who will NOT benefit?

Somebody who loves their fix and flip real estate business and not looking for long-term growth structure or passive structures.

Someone who believes they already fundamentally mastered real estate and plans to keep doing the same thing.

Someone who believes safety and a high rate of return cannot be combined.

Somebody who enjoys deploying their capital for a series of short-term opportunities and feels impatient if capital is deployed long-term.

Somebody who has an aversion to implementing systems in general.

* This educational program is based on the latest and evolving trends in the marketplace, from the perspective of the trainer, and designed to position the forward-thinking real estate investor to take advantage of opportunities projected to come into high relevance soon. The trainer does not represent himself as a real estate or any other licensed professional. Due to the rapidly evolving nature of the technology and regulatory environment, there is no guarantee of the projected opportunities materializing in the manner forecasted. However, the three-step proprietary system is designed to minimize risk exposure for the student, so regardless of the way the marketplace and regulatory environment evolves, the amount of risk will be essentially that of buying residential real estate, e.g., you may purchase and hold a piece of real estate free-and-clear, there may be a downturn in the real estate market causing its value to go down, and/or you may experience an uninsurable loss event in relation to the real estate asset, and/or the anticipated opportunities may not materialize due to unanticipated adverse developments in the regulations concerning the manner in which we designed the program, etc. Furthermore, the micro-pool structure is in the process of being formed, i.e., we are in a beta period, so you will have the opportunity to give feedback to evolve the specifications of the micro-pool format as well as the option to continue to evolve your micro-pool with the specifications or choose to opt out at any time. The Micro-Pool Certificate is potentially without any value if unanticipated adverse conditions prevent the micro-pool structure from reaching a point where it allows the pool owner/operator to avail themselves of the benefits of integration with other market participants. There are no representations made as to the exact timing of when the micro-pool structure will come out of beta status. All fees paid are strictly for educational services. No commissions or affiliate fees are collected from vendors of real estate assets, and they have been qualified on broad criteria for inclusion in the anticipated pool structure only. Students are encouraged to perform independent due diligence before purchasing any assets, as any purchases made are strictly between the buyer and seller.