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Application to Attend 3 Day Intensive Training

Below is your application form to attend the three-day intensive training course on the ascend-cultivate-excel process, to potentially 5x your long-term real estate growth investment.

This is a comprehensive A training on a proprietary three-step process (Ascend-Cultivate-Excel) that combines the benefits of safety inherent in debt-free real estate investing, with the growth rate potential typically only seen in higher risk ventures.

It is specifcally optimized for the growth investor with a time horizon of ten to thirty years, with 250k-10MM+ available to park in real estate assets. The investor has the willingness to watch a system compound their investments for them over time to potentially achieve up to five times higher-than-normal results. Their invested capital is verifiably parked in identifiable residential single-family real estate and related assets. This may also include contracts on real estate assets, without involving any element of debt. Take note that assets do not reach long-term committed status until the third of the three steps, so the commitment level is low while going through the process until opting into the third step.

You will have absolute clarity on how it is possible to control multiples of your investment in real estate, without debt. As a result, you can obtain amazing returns on the original investment. This is possible while avoiding risks inherent in standard debt-based leverage, or going into funding business ventures in pursuit of higher returns.



ASCEND. You will learn how to park your money in qualified pieces of real estate with some of the highest unleveraged returns available*. You will own them free and clear as the first step. You are free to stop at this step if you are happy with the returns.

CULTIVATE. You will have the opportunity and option to place these assets into a pool structure* to cultivate accelerated investment returns. You will earn high performance pool participation units which are small slices of long-term committed capital, but the underlying capital, your asset, itself is not committed and you can withdraw it from the pool by following a well-defined withdrawal procedure. Even after you withdraw your asset, you retain pool participation units which are on a trajectory for potentially very rapid growth.

EXCEL. You will have access to a mechanism by which you can convert your asset into a large one-time increase in the high performance, long-term growth-oriented pool participation units, to enjoy even higher returns, by surrendering the ability to withdraw your asset. Profits are reinvested in the pool, so there is no dividend paid out. The exit plan is through these units becoming listed, and you can sell on the open market, similar in concept to Berkshire Hathaway.

The unique, proprietary system is called the asset-based multiplier, and utilizes a high integrity, greater than 100% asset backed financial instruments, as a non-debt mechanism of leverage, to obtain control of up to five times the valuation of real estate that one would normally control without getting into debt. You will learn the exact mechanics of how this system works and how it can provide potentially five times the investment results normally available to debt-free real estate investors*.

This educational program will teach the student the exact three-step process (Ascend-Cultivate-Excel) by which they can park their money in real estate and a special kind of real estate contracts that provide higher returns than normally available. You will also learn why this is possible, and why it is an inherently time-limited opportunity.

For only $19,997 $4,997, the student will receive a comprehensive training on the workings of the system that will allow 1) ascend to debt-free real estate investments with already higher than normal returns for unleveraged real estate investments, 2) cultivate accelerated returns with a reversible and limited capital participation agreement, in a pool, and 3) excel by fully embracing the high performance pool long-term to maximize possible returns. The student will qualify to participate in all three steps (ascend-cultivate-excel) as a result of completing the training. We offer a 100% money-back guarantee if the student does not come away excited about the knowledge, understanding, and anticipation of being able to take advantage of this structure to obtain a minimum of twenty times the educational investment. The student will:


Learn how to park funds in real estate assets, which you will own free and clear, and see an ascent to a typical 7%+ unleveraged returns*;

How to get your high performing real estate assets certified to cultivate their assets by participating in a money-multiplier pool structure*; and

How to lock in your priority access to dramatically increase your participation in the pool structure* where your results can excel with potentially 5x the results, without involving debt.

Training to Include:

The three-day, intensive, interactive, live, online training and information on:

Specific introductions to sources* that can provide higher than typical returns for unleveraged real estate.

Full training on grassroots capital formation and differentiating it from traditional venture and crowdfunding capital structures, and how it opens the way for entrepreneurs to see their vision come true with greater integrity to original vision.

Important up-to-date information on debt-based versus asset-based monetary and financial instruments.

Long-Term Favorable Lease as a natural inflation hedge to offset treasury notes which lose value as interest rates rise and help stabilize banks and other institutions that rely on value stability of reserve assets, i.e., a potential for trillions of dollars in demand for this type of instrument.

The mechanics of the tax-free exchange of equal value utilized at a key magical moment in the operations of the ascend-cultivate-excel system.

Why higher property values and more affordable rents can co-exist, and why it does not violate the inviolable laws of mathematics or economics.

An arms-length relationship with the special trustee protects your interests.

The significance of the hypothetical 2.00585% 30-year fixed rate mortgage, which you will not likely never see.

Why the pool structure* is selective about which assets to include.

Fundamentals of low-risk real estate investing.

Introduction to the Human Development Foundation and its significance to the high-performance pool* and why it is integral to the vision for the project.

Full disclosure of the largest arbitrage opportunity hiding in plain sight, and why nobody has seen it until now.

Limiting the projected state government windfall profits because of upcoming changes in the marketplace.

How and to what extent you will potentially benefit as a property owner automatically even without participating in the pool*.

How and when the proprietary pool structure* will become opened up to create a protocol-based system where anyone can participate just by following easy-to-understand rules of the game.

Aligning the interests of renters with property owners to reduce property taxes.

Why mortgage loans will go the way of Blockbuster Video and any real estate investors who rely on well-established banking relationships will need to start developing new types of relationships to stay on top of the game*.

Why the conversation about first-time home buyers with minimal cash down, will potentially completely shift away from first and second mortgages, to financing first time home buyers with the Long-Term Favorable Lease instrument, and how you can benefit from this change as a real estate investor.

Additional Bonuses (Preliminary, Subject to Change)

1.      Comprehensive training on advanced life insurance concepts with licensed insurance professionals, to protect your assets, transfer generational wealth without estate tax, for peace of mind, key person policy, little known strategies, etc. ($3,750 Value)

2.      Advanced training on leveraging AI to model software development, no technical programming knowledge required. ($2,750 Value)

3.      Eye-opening, and heart-warming training on effective charitable giving ($2,000 Value)

4.      One-Year Membership to Eric Taneda’s 3Steps2DebtFreeLeverage membership website and Facebook group ($4,000 Value).

5.      Six-Month Membership to Eric Taneda’s weekly Leadership Mastermind Program, with specific focus on business strategy and marketing ($2,500 Value).

6.      One-Hour one-on-one Consultation with Eric Taneda to optimize your business strategy ($7,500 Value).

7.      One-Year Portal Access to Review the Training ($5,000 Value).

8.      We will issue up to twelve certificates of eligibility to cover up to twelve pieces of real estate with an aggregate purchase price of up to $1.2 million, when obtained from qualifying sources ($24,000 Value), only available for the first-time attendee.

Total Value of Bonuses: $51,500

Who can and will benefit from your proven product, service, and/or support?


The student with 250k to 10MM+ available to invest in high performance real estate assets, with the openness to embrace a model of taking a long-term growth-oriented outlook for committing capital, where the system can work to compound their investment without requiring constant effort.

Someone who is accomplished in real estate investing and realizes there is always a potential to learn something new and is a committed life-long learner.

Someone who will question how a system can work, but once their questions are answered, can be patient in allowing the system to do its work.


Who will NOT benefit?

Somebody who loves their fix and flip real estate business and not looking for a passive structure.

Someone who believes they already fundamentally mastered real estate and plans to keep doing the same thing.

Somebody who is relying on passive income streams from their entire real estate portfolio, to cover their on-going expenses.

Someone who believes safety and a high rate of return cannot be combined.

Someone who needs immediate liquidity in all of their investments.

If you would like to apply for consideration to participate in an upcoming 3-day intensive training, please start the application form below. 

When you submit your application, you will be charged for the program. We send you by text message and email, a scheduling link to set a time for the mandatory 40-minute onboarding call. During this call, we will answer any questions and concerns, and explore with you, your circumstances, your mindset, and your goals. The purpose of the call is to make sure we are a good fit. If during the call you find you are not comfortable with proceeding with the program for any reason (or no reason at all), or are not accepted into the program, you will receive a prompt and full refund. Please understand that we are very selective about whom we wish to train. If you do not set a time for the onboarding call within 14 days of applying for the program, your application will be declined, and fees refunded. If you apply and do not set a time for the onboarding call, this may disqualify you from consideration in future training programs, so please do not apply unless you are serious.

* This educational program is based on the latest and evolving trends in the marketplace, from the perspective of the trainer, and designed to position the forward-thinking real estate investor to take advantage of opportunities projected to come into high relevance in the near future. The trainer does not represent himself as a real estate or any other licensed professional. Due to the rapidly evolving nature of the technology and regulatory environment, there is no guarantee of the projected opportunities materializing in the manner forecasted. However, the three-step proprietary system is designed to minimize risk exposure for the student, so regardless of the way the marketplace and regulatory environment evolves, the amount of risk will be comparable to low-risk real estate investment you would normally expect to experience, e.g., you may purchase and hold a piece of real estate free-and-clear, there may be a downturn in the real estate market causing its value to go down, and/or you may experience an uninsurable loss event in relation to the real estate asset, and/or the anticipated opportunities may not materialize due to unanticipated adverse developments in the regulations concerning the manner in which we designed the program, etc. Furthermore, the pool structure is not yet fully defined, and there is no possibility to participate in the pool structure itself until after it has been defined. The Certificate of Qualification to participate in the pool structure is potentially without any value if unanticipated adverse conditions prevent the pool structure from ever becoming formed. There are no representations made as to the exact timing of when the pool structure will be defined. All fees paid are strictly for educational services. No commissions or affiliate fees are collected from vendors of real estate assets, and they have been qualified on broad criteria for inclusion in the anticipated pool structure only. Students are encouraged to perform independent due diligence before purchasing any assets, as any purchases made are strictly between the buyer and seller.

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